Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spanish Live Via Skype

Come to my website and learn Spanish face-to-face. Whether you're a high school or college student in need of tutoring in Spanish, an adult seriously pursuing a life-long goal of mastering Spanish, an executive or other professional who needs to learn Spanish for professional reasons, this site is for you.

For years, it has been my dream to be able to teach one-on-one to serious students, by-passing the inhuman and dehumanizing confines of brick-and-mortar institutions. Technology has finally caught up with that vision.

I hope to hear from you soon!

My background in executive education, as a professor of Spanish for international business now comes to you live, over the internet, via Skype - provided you have a high-speed connection.

Finally, serious students of Spanish will greatly benefit from my three books for intermediate to advanced students. Just click on the images to go directly to Amazon, read the rave reviews and -- buy them!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Have Fun with Spanish

I've been too serious for the past year. I guess because I get frustrated with students who don't take Spanish class seriously. But hey, I only really teach the front row anyway. The rest are there subsidizing everyone else's education.

So this blog post is for the students I love or ever have ... kinda like Willy Nelson singing To All the Girls I've Loved Before.

So, what are some cool and fun sites for Spanish students to explore? I'm thinking of people old enough to read this blog and maybe old enough to recognize Willy's song.

One of my favorites, and an award-winning site is an Argentine site about the tango. It's awesome. It has the music, the lyrics, history of the tango (the dance form Argentina is known for) and even a huge dictionary of Lunfardo, the dialect of Argentina. The site even has video of various types.

I have two others for wine lovers. One is in Spain and the other in Chile. They are good for getting acquainted with the types of vocabularies you might need if you love wine, order wine, are in the wine business... you name it, if it's wine you love and Spanish you're learning or practicing, you'll really dig these sites.

Do you like Latin pop music? If you do, go to this great site for music, with lyrics. Now and then, the lyrics are printed in a sort of pop shorthand that reminds me of text messaging, so don't go there for spelling lessons! When searching an artist, do so by first name, not last.

Serious students and even business people will appreciate the LANIC site. Just go there; it will speak for itself.

And then, I have to say, try my poetry site. Don't forget to check out my three grammar books (see the links upper right?). And best of all, I'm online with a website to teach Spanish live in full streaming audio visual via Skype!

Enjoy Spanish. It has long been a world language whose influence, culturally, economically and politically has been great, but now it is growing exponentially.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Online Resource for Learning and Teaching Spanish

Interested in online language-learning resources? Are you looking for understandable and well articulated explanations about Spanish grammar? Perhaps you're a teacher or even a homeschooler in search of tips for effective teaching of certain difficult concepts -- even experienced teachers can use a new trick. If so, you'll love what I've put together at BrightHub. The philosophy of its creators is to provide expert opinions about programs, products and so forth.

Starting more than a year ago, I have had a lot of latitude for creating teaching and learning aids based on my experience. Frequently, textbook explanations are shallow, even timid -- but I like to explain grammar by teaching the concept and following up with examples. All the examples in all the lesson plans or mini lessons are translated. Each item is printable and most fit on one 8.5 X 11 page.

I'd love to have you use them. Just open the link above and scroll down. Check in often too, since more are on their way and much work is being done to organize and cross reference them. I invite suggestions for other articles too, whether you are a student, a teacher, a parent or an administrator of a Spanish language program.