Tuesday, December 15, 2009

For Spanish Teachers and Academic Advisors

Having just posted my grades for the quarter, it seems appropriate to stop and reflect on what went right and what went wrong this past term. It's a time when teachers, like students, catch their breath and regroup.

So, in that spirit and submitted for your consideration, I have written a few articles on subjects that we often face, as teachers and as academic counselors, as we improve our own teaching and advise those who study a foreign language.

These articles are not long, so they're perfect for looking over with your morning coffee during the holidays. I invite your comments and especially encourage you to send me ideas for topics you'd like to see me cover in this blog.

1. Suggestion for a Daily Class Format
2. Working in Pairs: Dialogues!
3. Academic Advising: General Observations about Studying a Foreign Language
4. Academic Advising: What to Do with Your B.A. in a Foreign Language
5. Replicating ourselves: How to become a professor of a foreign language
6. Foreign-Language Teacher Preparation: Let's Start with Your Own Oral Proficiency!
7. How to teach when the lights go out: Let's use our brains more!
8. Suggestion for a Low-Tech, Intensive Grammar Review.

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