Friday, January 1, 2010

Three Spanish Books for a Great Start in 2010

Whether you're a high school or a college student, if you are studying Spanish, there are three books you need in order to get an in-depth, yet simply explained treatment of three aspects of Spanish that are always tough for English speakers: Pronouns, Past Tenses and the Subjunctive.

Spanish, like English, doesn't have a lot of pronouns, but there are some pronouns in Spanish that do multiple functions -- and where they go in a sentence is quite different from English.

Unlike English, the Spanish verb system is much more complex. It takes serious study, analysis and a lot of practice to begin to master them. Many students have a jumbled up notion of the tenses, moods, endings. That is a problem that can be solved!

Finally, the subjunctive usually is what ends many English-speakers' study of Spanish. It need not be so. The reason is not because the subjunctive is difficult or that we barely even have any notion of it left in modern English. The subjunctive causes students trouble because textbooks don't teach it correctly. Most have the right information, but it is presented hastily and in a disorganized fashion. That problem too has been solved. You can master the subjunctive with the right book, patience and attention to some details.


gassergirl3 said...

These books have proven to be INCREDIBLY helpful with learning and memorizing the different Spanish tenses and their uses. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone wanting to learn/improve their Spanish grammar!

sarita said...

I have studied Spanish for years and have continued to be plagued by the same grammar missteps. Sometimes studying a Spanish grammar book is overwhelming because there is so much information to absorb. These books, however, were exactly what I needed. Each book focuses on a specific grammar difficulty (I just finished Spanish Past-Tense Verbs), and in concise and easily comprehensible steps gives focused explanations. The books guide you through the process, from explanation, to exercises, to a well stocked answer key. These books have everything you need for success. I have already recommended these books to friends wanting to improve their Spanish, and I will continue to do so! They are great!